Marketing Services

What do you need?
How BMG can help
  • Planning workshops
  • Market analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Marketing programme development
  • Advice
  • Consulting
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching

Some of our clients have a marketing department but others rely on us for the expertise to support their sales and marketing activities.

We can provide whatever input you want:
  • Advice - specific to a task such as developing a website
  • Consulting on an ongoing basis
  • Mentoring or coaching that helps develop your own marketing abilities or just solve a marketing problem

Start with a Workshop

Successful marketing relies on the quality of early groundwork to guide decision making. A valuable start-point therefore is a marketing workshop to discover the growth opportunities for your business.

By complementing your knowledge of your business with our experience the workshop will methodically investigate the key factors of your marketing environment. The analysis is specific to your business and identifies appropriate outcomes which could include, for example:

  • New target or customer market/s not previously considered
  • New understanding of the target market that alters the marketing approach
  • Changing the way the market perceives the product or brand
  • New approach to advertising or promotion
  • New or refined product
  • Identifying a new and competitive customer benefit
  • Need for enhanced and/or strategic branding
  • Identifying multiple target markets each requiring their own specific messages
  • Rethinking existing advertising to fit the target market informational needs
  • Rethinking existing advertising to fit the target market attitudes
  • Discovering new product opportunities

To learn more about how we can help, tell us about your business and we will get in touch.

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Club AutoMD’s comment: "BMG has also provided sound overall marketing advice and technical ability over the last 12 months for Clubauto and we are very happy with the overall result."


Club AutoExecutive Director’s comment: "You contributed very constructive direction to our overall marketing approach."

You are welcome to inspect the original of these and other client letters.