Burrell Marketing Group and you

As a client of Burrell Marketing Group you will benefit from a special, probably unique, in-house combination of marketing, advertising and sales expertise plus knowledge gained from running successful trading businesses.

What this means for you is that Burrell Marketing backs its services with broad and relevant experience to target your market through virtually every medium from internet to television, radio and print advertising or printed matter. It means we know how to develop a comprehensive marketing programme for you or just an effective website – if that is all you need. It means we know how to build your brand to connect with your likely customers.

Although BMG in its current form started in 2005, founder Ashley Burrell has almost 30 years management and sales experience in a range of industries. These include automotive, vehicle security, car audio, video, mobile phones and general consumer electronics.

In 2010 he joined forces with Paul Williams who has been providing marketing services to small and medium-size enterprises since 1998 through Paul Williams Marketing Communications and Creating Customers companies. Before that Paul had a 25 year career in the advertising industry working with major international and national product and service companies. His extensive experience in a wide range of media is available to you.

Burrell Marketing Group background

"There is no knowledge without experience" said Albert Einstein. Here’s a summary of ours:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Internet Selling
  • Customer Communications

Read on for more detail...

Sales and Marketing Experience with JVC

Burrell’s sales experience is extensive beginning with audio, visual and multimedia electronics company JVC. In 1989, JVC Australia approached the then Australian-based Ashley Burrell to head up its Car Audio Division with the overall responsibility of growing its business nationwide.

Over a decade later, after Burrell had amassed further experience in the video and mobile phone industries, he returned to New Zealand and started a business called Abtec (Ashley Burrell Technical).

In early 2005 the JVC relationship developed further when Burrell was asked to take over the sales and marketing of JVC NZ’s car audio products. This new direction for the company formed the kernel that became Burrell Marketing Group (BMG). Understanding the respective needs of both retailer and end-user customer groups was behind the then success of the JVC brand.

As Burrell says “Late 2006 JVC NZ asked us to run the total JVC NZ retail product range for them. We employed a sales team, Product Manager and Operations Manager, and handled all sales and marketing. Within a year we had achieved the challenging target budgets. A later international re-organisation led to the NZ arm being handled from its head office in Australia”.

ABTEC Internet Marketing Experience

The first contract Ashley Burrell’s newly formed Abtec signed was with Ericsson Cellular, installing cellular hands-free kits. Burrell was no stranger to the mobile phone industry, having previously worked as National Sales & Marketing Manager for Samsung’s Cellular Phone Division in Sydney Australia and U-Bix Communications Ltd in Wellington.

Abtec then became a Telecom mobile dealer, selling and connecting cellular phones to the network. To take advantage of his automotive experience the logical progression for Burrell to move into Vehicle Security and Car Audio distribution via auto electrical and car dealer groups. The company linked up with JVC again, wholesaling its range of products through Abtec’s distribution network.

Internet Selling Experience

In 2006 Ashley Burrell formed a new on-line retail company selling Abtec’s automotive electronics products direct to the public from its website www.onlinecaraudio.co.nz It has become highly successful and continues to grow. His experience is inherent in the work he does for BMG’s marketing clients.

Customer Communications Experience

However you choose to communicate with potential customers the quality of what you convey is crucial to winning them over. Each is a selling opportunity and may be a one-and-only chance. So your website or advertising or brochures or anything else has to be as convincing as possible.

Paul Williams, with his many years of marketing communications experience, will help you get it right: be directly relevant to your prospects and customers and be imaginative.

Using words, pictures and sounds, depending on the task, we write and project-manage design work for impact, distinction from your competitors and aptness to your company's image. Marketing disciplines are applied to all work.

BMG Experience

This extensive experience benefits all Burrell Marketing Group clients. Whether you have a small or medium size business Burrell Marketing can help you with the overall marketing of your business and its products or services.

Marketing need not be big budget. It’s about spending smarter, not more and as Burrell Marketing Group can show you, that’s simply about getting the marketing mix right – right for your business, right for your customers.

Please contact us to find out how Burrell Marketing Group can help you when it comes to your marketing.

Don’t spend more, spend smarter!